Hull Insurance

Optimum protection: Hull Insurance covers damage to your boat.

  • All-round protection with all-risk cover
  • Deductible can be chosen
  • Protection for dinghy, accessories and inventory

Protect what is dear to you

The more valuable your boat is, the more important it is to have Hull Insurance that covers damage.


We offer you flexible Hull Insurance tailored to your needs. Decide for yourself how total loss and partial damage should be covered and choose the amount of cover you would like to include for Fishing and diving equipment. Participation in regattas can also be easily included for sailing boats.


Because you customise your boat hull insurance, you only pay for what you really need. 

Our highlights

Fixed value
We insure your boat on request at a fixed insurance value, which is reimbursed without deductions in the event of total loss.
  • Reliable sum in the event of total loss
  • Not contestable over the entire term
New for old
Broken or damaged parts will be replaced with new ones on request, regardless of their age, without any deductions for current value.
  • Long-term value retention despite damage
  • Transport costs to the shipyard fully covered

Our basic cover in every Hull Insurance

Our all-risk cover
What is not insured is stated clearly and transparently. The burden of proof therefore lies with the insurer in the event of a dispute
Salvage and wreck removal
Assistance provided by third parties for salvage, wreck removal or loss minimisation is covered without limit, even if it was unsuccessful
Winter storage and shipyard
Stays in winter storage or a repair yard, including landing and launching, are also insured
Burglary and theft of secured or permanently attached objects, including dinghies, are also insured
If ground contact occurs, the costs for inspections, e.g. for crane operations, is also insured
Personal effects
We reimburse up to 2,000 euros for damaged personal items that were on board at the time of the damage

More options for you

Do you need special protection? You can easily add these cover modules when you take out your boat insurance
Insure your trailer?
No problem. Road and harbour trailers can be insured with a separate sum insured.
Fishing & diving equipment
We protect valuable equipment such as fishing rods or dive computers with a separate sum insured.
Breakdown assistance
Our breakdown assistance covers up to 10,000 euros for expenses in emergency situations, including towing and delivery of spare parts.
Engine protection plus
Your protection in the event of damage to the engine and machine system, including material, design or operating errors
Insure regattas as well?
Include damage resulting from participation in sailing regattas.

These questions may help you

Who needs Hull Insurance for boats?

The more valuable your boat is, the more important it is to have Hull Insurance to cover any damage. Hull Insurance therefore makes perfect sense to ensure that you are not stuck with the costs in the event of damage and can get back on the water quickly. In addition to the total loss of your boat, you can also insure against partial damage. Please also note that in many countries, e.g. Germany, there is no compulsory insurance for boats. This means that if your boat is damaged by a third party, liability insurance cannot always cover you. Private liability insurance does not usually cover damage to boats. 

How much does boat Hull Insurance cost?

Hull Insurance policies can vary greatly in price depending on their contents. We assess your boat individually in order to calculate fair conditions for the desired cover. Both the characteristics of your boat and the selected cover modules therefore have a major influence on your premium. A 4m fishing boat with an insured value of €6,500 can be insured for as little as €100 per year. For a sporty 32-foot sailing boat with an insured value of €45,000, comprehensive hull cover starts at an annual premium of around €400. 

How can partial damage and total loss be insured?

Total loss is always included in the insurance. Partial damage, i.e. damage whose repair costs do not exceed the value of the boat, can also be included for an additional charge. You can insure the total loss with a fixed valuation (replacement value of the boat) or with a current value reimbursement. In the event of partial damage, reimbursement is possible with or without deductions for current value.