Third Party Liability Insurance

The must-have for every boat owner: Covers third-party claims against you.

  • Sum insured up to 12 million euros
  • Personal injury, property damage and financial loss
  • Optional skipper liability

Always on the safe side

Third Party Liability Insurance protects you against the financial consequences of accidentally causing damage to other boats, property or people through the use of your own boat. The cover applies to you, crew members and guests. Of course, you can also lend your boat to friends or family members free of charge.


Although Third Party Liability Insurance is not compulsory in Germany, harbour operators and clubs usually require this cover as a condition for a berth. At Yachting24, you can also insure your trailer in addition to the boat or book skipper liability insurance. This means that you are always optimally covered, even on other people's boats. 

Our basic cover in every liability insurance

Safe against third-party claims
A little carelessness or a big bump - personal injury, property damage and financial loss are insured
Dinghies and water sports equipment
The use of dinghies and water sports equipment belonging to the insured boat is also insured
Passive legal protection
We will take care of any unjustified claims made against you and defend them in court
Water damage
Also covered is damage resulting, for example, from the contamination of bodies of water, including groundwater

More options for you

Do you need special protection? You can easily add these cover modules when you take out your boat insurance
Skipper Liability
In addition to charter cancellation costs, even covers damage caused by gross negligence to the rented boat itself
Trailer Liability
Insures your trailer, which is exempt from the registration procedure, even if it is not connected to the car

These questions may help you

Who needs Third Party Liability Insurance?

Every boat owner should have liability insurance. It protects against claims that can be made against the owner due to legal regulations. The amount of liability damage is incalculable! In many countries, marinas and regattas, liability insurance is even a prerequisite.

How much does Third Party Liability Insurance cost?

We offer you rates at fair conditions. The premium for liability insurance is therefore calculated on the one hand from your boat data, such as boat type, dimensions, performance, etc., and on the other hand from your selected options. For example, liability insurance for an optimist dinghy costs from €25 per year, for a 30-foot steel motor yacht from around €100 per year.

Will I receive a certificate as proof of Third Party Liability Insurance?

Yes, the so-called "Blue Card" serves as proof. This is available in your customer login and can be downloaded there.