Personal Accident

Covers the financial consequences of accidents involving the boat

  • For you and everyone on board
  • In the event of disability and death
  • Three levels of cover to choose from

Our basic cover in every Personal Accident Insurance

Protection especially for water sports enthusiasts
Insurance cover for death and disability in water sports, including numerous benefits that your general accident insurance does not cover.
Chartered boats insured
Applies to accidents involving your own boat as well as borrowed or chartered boats
Sea rescue and emergencies abroad
Costs for search and rescue at sea as well as emergency medical costs in other European countries are reimbursed
Three options available
Different maximum indemnities can be selected for disability and death

These questions may help you

Who needs Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance makes sense if you want to protect yourself and your crew, e.g. when sailing regattas with a crew or on a fishing trip with friends.

How can Personal Accident Insurance be taken out?

Personal Accident Insurance is only available as a supplement to comprehensive and/or Third Party Liability Insurance. You can add it as an additional product in the quotation form.

How much does Personal Accident Insurance cost?

Premiums for Personal Accident Insurance are calculated using flat-rate cover amounts. For example, cover with a maximum of €75,000 per person in the event of disability and a maximum of €37,500 per person in the event of death costs around €37 per year.